How to Get Your Truck Back to School Ready

September 16th, 2021 by
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Getting prepped for the chaos of the school year is always important. It seemingly comes out of nowhere, and then your back running around between school, sports, music lessons, birthday parties, and your own schedule! The last thing you want to worry about when the school year starts is having to run your truck into the mechanic. Here are a few steps to get your used truck running smoothly: 

  • 1. Change Your Oil

Oil lubricates all of the small mechanical parts of your engine and is absolutely crucial for keeping it running around Logan. Depending on the type of vehicle you drive and the kind of oil your vehicle uses, your truck may need an oil change anywhere between 3,000 and 7,500. Visit a technician and bring your college student before they head off to school.

  • 2. Prep Yours and Your Students Emergency Kits

It’s crucial to be sure you’re ready for any sort of inclement weather. There are a few things you should have before you drive off. Make sure your insurance and paperwork are inside the vehicle. Confirm your truck is stocked with a spare tire and all the tools necessary to change it.

  • 3. Check Your Tires

Prep your tires for your drives in Hillsboro by filling them up with air. If you have time during the summer, you may even want to get a tire rotation to disperse the wear and tear of your tires evenly. Over and underinflated tires can both lead to issues, so can stripped tires. Make sure to get these and your spare checked before the school year. 

  • 4. Check Your Systems and Filters

You’ll want to get your cooling system checked as this is one of the most common systems that causes issues for drivers. While you are at it, get your air filters and engine filters checked.

  • 5. Get Your Truck Cleaned

There is no better feeling than starting your day, week, or year in American Fork with a freshly cleaned vehicle. Having the inside and outside ready for your drives is incredibly refreshing. You will be the freshest driver in your parent drop of line with your cleaned truck. 

Back to School Truck Maintenance with Truck Ranch 

Getting your truck ready with back to school truck maintenance is important for moving safely and smoothly throughout your school year. Having everything ready can allow you to proceed with ease of mind throughout the school year. You know you have some security. Call Truck Ranch for any tips on getting back to school.


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