Why Buy A Used Truck

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The benefits of used vs. new trucks are plenty. Between lower initial depreciation and a wider range of options and configurations, not to mention the much lower sticker price, a used truck can be an ideal upgrade around Logan. As for tradesmen asking, “Should I buy a used truck for my small business?” will also find a used pickup a smart decision, depending on their needs and purposes. So, why buy a used truck? Read on with the Truck Ranch specialists to discover the reasons that fit your Hillsboro needs.

Used vs. New Trucks: An Overview

Answering, “Should I buy a used truck?” often comes down to the value of a purchase compared to its expected lifespan. Thanks to vast improvements in engineering and regular maintenance techniques over the last couple decades, you can expect to get much more than a few years out of a used truck. However, there are a number of answers to “Why buy a used truck?” Compare used vs. new trucks below for a complete look:

  1. Initial Depreciation: A new truck loses a significant portion of its value as soon as it’s driven off the lot. This initial depreciation is steep, but it means that with a couple years under its belt and you can obtain it with little wear for just a fraction of the price around American Fork.
  2. Improved Selection: Although new trucks do their best to offer a wide range of trim levels and configurations, ultimately they are limited by what a single year of production allows. With used trucks, you can choose from a much greater selection of engine
  3. Customization: Thanks to a lower sticker price and just a touch of wear, drivers who opt for a used truck will find the range of parts and accessories are even more available and easy to equip for a perfectly tailored workhorse.

Why Buy a Used Truck with Truck Ranch

When you shop with Truck Ranch, the question isn’t “Should I buy a used truck?” The question is, “Which used truck suits me?” Hundreds of unique options designed and capable of the wide range of tasks and adventures wait in Logan, but our selection is just the beginning. Our experts also offer:

  •  A payment calculator tool to plan your budget most effectively
  • The ability to value your trade with just a click and a little information to make the most of your down payment
  • A wide range of shopping tips far beyond the benefits of used vs. new trucks to get you started as you search around Twin Falls for your next purchase
  • A dedicated finance department devoted to getting you the right truck for the right price while answering questions about how financing works

Find Your Next Powerhouse Near Hillsboro

Ready to get started? Get in touch with our experts today! Our team is standing by to walk you through every detail of any of our impressive trucks, from those priced under 20K to low mileage used trucks and used GMC Sierra 1500 models to the available warranties for each. Your upgrade awaits with Truck Ranch!

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