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Do Diesel Trucks Have Catalytic Converters?

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Do Diesel Trucks Have Catalytic Converters?

The addition of catalytic converters to vehicles have been instrumental in reducing vehicle emissions in recent decades. But what about diesel engines? Do Diesels have catalytic converters? What about trucks? Do diesel trucks have catalytic converters? These are common questions asked by Logan drivers, and the short answer is yes, diesel engines do have catalytic converters. Let’s talk a little bit about what catalytic converters do and which diesel vehicles have them.

What Does a Catalytic Converter Do?

Most Logan drivers have probably heard about catalytic converters, but few can probably explain in detail what these devices do. Basically, they use precious metals to infuse Oxygen into the exhaust of an engine, converting the fumes from dangerous Carbon Monoxide into Diatomic Nitrogen and water. This significantly reduces the harmful emissions produced by a vehicle.

Do Diesels Have Catalytic Converters?

What about diesel engines? Do diesels have catalytic converters? Yes, nearly all diesel engines built since 1990 have catalytic converters. Vehicles built before that time mostly do not. It became apparent about that time that diesel engines especially needed this technology to reduce emissions.

Do Diesel Trucks Have Catalytic Converters?

Most pickup drivers view their trucks as belonging to a different breed than most vehicles. We can’t argue with that. Pickup trucks are uniquely built for both fun and work, and many of them, especially diesels, pack a lot of power under the hood. So, do diesel trucks have catalytic converters? Yes, you’ll usually find the catalytic converter under the truck, on the exhaust, between the muffler and the engine. Because of the precious metals they contain, they are often special targets for thieves.

Check Out the Diesel Trucks at Your Nearest Truck Ranch

We always have a wide variety of high quality, late model diesel trucks available. Why not come down and take one or more for a test drive? And, if you’d like to learn more about diesel engines, check out our diesel maintenance checklist and our comparison of diesel trucks and gas trucks. We want to see you get behind the wheel of your next truck, and we’re eager to help you do it. We have several convenient locations, such as our locations in the Hillsboro and American Fork areas. Why not drop by or give us a call today?

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