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Why Does My Truck Shake When I Brake?

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Why Does My Truck Shake When I Brake?

If your car starts quivering when you come to a stop, there are numerous reasons why it’s doing that. You may feel it in the steering wheel or brake pedal on your Logan commute. Either way, you’ll want to know why your truck shakes when braking. There are several years why your truck will start to tremble, and we’re covering the three most common causes below. Don’t hesitate to contact our service center if you have any questions along the way.

The Brake Rotors Are Warped

The number one reason for a shaking car is warped or damaged brake rotors. Brake rotors work together with your brake pads to stop your wheels from spinning. As rotors age, they eventually get thinner and thinner from ongoing wear and tear, making them prone to damage. Excessive heat generated during braking can warp the rotors, causing the brakes pads to slip and create a quivering sensation, most likely in the brake pedal. 

Brake rotors are typically replaced by at least the first 70,000 miles but could be done earlier depending on your driving style and climate conditions in Hillsboro.

The Tires Need Service

One of the reasons your truck shakes when braking is that your tires are out of alignment or a bit old, your suspension has to work even harder to keep everything balanced. Hitting a pothole or curb in American Fork could alter your alignment, and you’ll feel this struggle in your steering wheel.

Tire alignment typically gets checked during a routine tire rotation, which should be done every 5,000 to 7,500 miles. Refer to your vehicle’s owner’s manual for optimal tire service intervals.

Steering & Suspension Issues 

If you notice an issue with your suspension or steering systems, you may start to notice that your truck shakes when braking, but also during driving. There are some cases when a damaged part, like an axle shaft, can cause an issue specifically when your truck comes to a stop.

When it’s time for your routine oil change or tire rotation, have a general vehicle inspection as well. The certified mechanic will inspect your vehicle’s vital systems, which include the suspension and steering system. If there’s an issue, they can catch it and promptly fix it.

How to Fix a Wobbling Car

There are numerous reasons why your pickup truck can be wobbling, and it’s essential to have it checked at your local Twin Falls service center to diagnose the exact problem. Your brakes shouldn’t be messed with, so if there’s an issue, schedule your appointment with your trusted mechanic immediately.

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