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Synthetic Oil vs. Regular Oil: What’s the Difference?

synthetic oil

Synthetic Oil vs. Regular Oil: What’s the Difference?

When you visit your local Hillsboro-area service center, you want to trust that your vehicle is in excellent hands! Many Logan drivers often wonder about the difference between synthetic oil vs. conventional oil, so we created a handy service guide below comparing the two. Learn how full synthetic oil vs. synthetic blend before scheduling your next oil change.

What is Conventional (Regular) Oil?

When comparing synthetic oil vs. conventional oil, you’ll learn that regular oil is a petroleum-based substance used in internal combustion engines. It works at providing lubrication to internal parts to reduce engine wear. Motor oil is distilled from crude oil mined from the ground and keeps your car’s engine from high temperatures.

What is Synthetic Oil?

Synthetic oil is also petroleum-based, but it offers enhanced lubrication properties. The more stable synthetic oil oxidizes less easily than conventional oil, and it’s better at retaining protective properties. They’re also chemically developed from petrochemicals in an intense process, allowing them to offer pinpointed properly, which makes them more superior and expensive than conventional oil. Additional details about synthetic oil:

  • Are less viscous at lower temperatures
  • Offer enhanced engine cleaning properties
  • Better protect critical turbocharger parts (when equipped)

Synthetic vs. Synthetic Blends: How Do They Differ?

In addition to the oils mentioned above, there are synthetic blends made up of part synthetic oil and part conventional oil. It works to reduce the cost vs. choosing full synthetic while also offering enhanced properties vs. standard conventional oil.

Get More Service Tips at Truck Ranch!

After learning how synthetic oil vs. regular oil compares, you can also explore additional service tips to help keep your pickup truck performing at its best. Our team is here to help you find your next used truck and keep it in top shape. Contact us if you have any questions.

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