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How Can You Tell if Your Truck’s Suspension is Bad?

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How Can You Tell if Your Truck’s Suspension is Bad?

Logan drivers who know that their suspension system is important to come to us with this question a lot! Sometimes they’re experiencing something wonky, or they’ve been on an off-road trail outside of Hillsboro. Sometimes they’re just curious. Truck Ranch covers how to tell if your truck’s suspension is bad and some useful tests to determine what to do below.

Bad Suspension Symptoms when Driving

How can you tell if your truck’s suspension is bad when you’re on the road? The first alarm that sounds for most drivers is the ways that the truck behaves when you’re on the highway. The suspension system of your truck is made up of many different parts, but they all generally work toward keeping your ride smooth, even on bumpy roads. If you’re starting to feel the bumps on the road, this is a sign you may need to get your suspension replaced. Another sign is your car leaning one way or the other, but this could be the symptom of another issue.
Sometimes, suspension problems need serious and costly repairs. You may also want to look at trucks priced under 20k with good suspension!

Bad Suspension Tests

Having a bumpy ride may not assure you that your truck has suspension problems. You may also want to conduct a few simple tests to see if your suspension needs work. Here are things you can do in your American Fork driveway or garage:

  • Bounced Check:

    When your truck is parked, put all your weight on the front of it. After you jump off, your truck will bounce a little. If you notice it bounce more than three times, you have a suspension issue to fix.

  • Visual Check:

    You can also do a quick visual check. Look to see if there’s any corner of your vehicle that’s leaning down more than the others. This could indicate worn-down struts.

  • Trunk Squeak Check:

    Push on your trunk/the rear of your vehicle and listen for a squeaking sound.

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