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How Often to Rotate Your Tires

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How Often to Rotate Your Tires

Are you wondering how many miles to rotate tires? A tire rotation is typically performed every 5,000 to 7,500 miles. Remember that while this is a good rule to follow, you’ll find the exact figures on when to rotate tires in your used truck’s owner’s manual. Our guide helps Logan drivers know when to have a tire rotation done. 

Rotating Tires on FWD and RWD Vehicles

With front- and rear-wheel drive vehicles, it is about where power from the engine goes. FWD vehicles send the power to the front tires, and the RWD car sends it to the rear tires. The set of tires that get most of the engine power wears faster than others. If you drive a FWD or RWD vehicle, keep these tire rotation tips in mind:

  • With FWD or RWD vehicles, tire rotation should be performed every 5,000 to 7,500 miles. If needed, check your vehicle’s owner’s manual for exact figures.
  • If you’re handling the tire rotation for your FWD vehicle, remember to flip sides when moving the rear tires. For example, the rear right tire goes on the front left. However, when it’s time to move the front tires to the back, keep them on the same side.
  • When rotating tires on an RWD car, flip the process above. Flip sides when moving the front tires to the back, but keep the rear tires on the same side when moving them forward.
  • Consider your driving habits, like off-roading, as it affects how often a tire rotation is needed.

AWD Tire Rotation Tips

Wondering how many miles to rotate tires on an AWD pickup truck? AWD models are slightly different since their tires wear differently and at different speeds. It’s always best to check your vehicle’s owner’s manual for your specific vehicle, but most experts set the tire rotation timeline between 3,000 and 5,000 miles.

Why Rotate Tires?

Rotating your tires extends the life of them. There are additional benefits to regularly rotating your tires:

  • Improved traction on slippery roads
  • Less noise on the road
  • Relieves unnecessary stress on the drivetrain

Ensure your truck is prepared for hazardous weather conditions around the American Fork area by keeping tire rotations as part of your maintenance plan.

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