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Understanding When to Use Low Gear

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Understanding When to Use Low Gear

When you purchase a used pickup truck at your local Truck Ranch location, you’re buying a truck that’s ready for any road conditions from Logan and beyond. This is also why you will want to learn more about what low gear is in a truck and how to drive in it. Get all of the details in this handy guide from your trusted team at Truck Ranch.

What Is Low Gear in a Car?

Low gear is also known as first gear, and it’s a mode that’s on both manual and automatic transmission vehicles. Low gear restricts the amount of fuel injected into the engine to reduce the engine speed while increasing torque. Many Hillsboro drivers don’t like to use the low gear lever since they are not sure when to use it – that’s where we can help! There are a few simple and easy-to-remember scenarios where it may be beneficial to downshift into a lower gear.

When to Use Low Gear

Most modern pickup trucks with automatic transmissions automatically shift gears as you press down and ease off the gas pedal. However, there are some situations where you may want to manually shift to low gear.

  1. Towing – Low gear is excellent for towing a heavy load like a trailer or boat since it gives you extra engine power to safely and confidently tow. It’s best to refer to your owner’s manual for any speed limitations while using your low gear.
  2. Steep Inclines – Low gear gives you the extra torque needed to make the climb up a steep hill without stressing the engine.
  3. Long Declines – Shifting to low gear while driving downhill helps keep it slow and steady without burning up your transmission or riding your brakes for a long time, which can ultimately lead to brake failure.

Whether you spend lots of time out on your off-roading adventures or do a lot of driving on a mountain highway, low gear is going to make things easier.

Get Additional Driving Tips With Truck Ranch!

Whether you want to know when to use low gear, additional car-buying tips like how car financing works, or need assistance finding your next used pickup truck, we can help! Don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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